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Dual Citizenship for former Germans or those with German ancestors

Navigate the Complexities of German Citizenship Law with Confidence - Trust Our Experience to Help You Secure Dual Citizenship.

Do you carry a lineage of German ancestry, even though you weren't born a German citizen? Reclaiming German citizenship for descendants of German citizens or for those who once held German citizenship but lost it upon obtaining U.S. citizenship can be a profoundly emotional journey. This process often holds great significance, particularly for those who experienced the loss of their German citizenship due to Nazi persecution, obtaining U.S. citizenship, or other circumstances. The good news is that changes to the German citizenship law in 2021 have greatly expanded the opportunities for descendants and former citizens to reclaim their German heritage. Whether you are a direct descendant or someone seeking to re-naturalize, we understand the deep emotional resonance this process might hold for you and your family. We are here to help you navigate this journey, supporting you every step of the way to honor your heritage and reclaim your rightful place as a German citizen.

You or your spouse worked in Germany and might qualify for Social Security in Germany?

Discover Your Eligibility for Social Security (Rente) in Germany with me. 

Are you a former worker in Germany seeking answers on your Social Security benefits? Or are you facing a divorce with a German spouse and want to know your rights to receive Social Security through them? I can help you navigate the complex laws and regulations surrounding Social Security in Germany and determine if you qualify.

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For over a decade, attorney Christine Stenner is an of counsel in one of the leading German life science firms Lyck & Paetzold and expert in Germany’s largest life science business plan contest Science4Life.

About me

Christine Stenner, LL.M

Attorney at Law (Germany) & Foreign Legal Consultant in Pennsylvania

As a German immigrant to the United States in 2012, I deeply understand the intricacies and emotions tied to immigration and citizenship processes. As a dual citizen, I understand the difficulties in the process and are excited to help others to obtain dual citizenship with Germany as well. However, my professional focus extends beyond the mastery of the complexities of German law and bureaucracy. With over 25 years of experience as an attorney admitted to the German bar, I have specialized knowledge in Medical Law and Social Law. This extensive background has equipped me with a wealth of expertise in dealing with the German government, enabling me to guide my clients effectively through various legal procedures. Furthermore, I hold an LL.M from Temple University Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia and am registered as a Foreign Legal Consultant in Pennsylvania. This unique position allows me to practice German law in the United States and provide expert advice on German legal matters, ensuring comprehensive support for my clients navigating the German legal system.
* Admitted to the Bar in Frankfurt am Main. Christine Stenner is also board specialized medical law attorney (Fachanwältin für Medizinrecht) and from 2005 -2016 board specialized social security attorney (Fachanwältin für Sozialrecht).

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