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Dual Citizenship for Germans living in the United States

You want to apply for American citizenship but keep your German citizenship? Or have you lost your German citizenship already because you became a U.S. citizen?

Having dual citizenship is the exception in the German citizenship law. However, there are options to apply for a retention permission or, in case you lost your German citizenship already, to apply for re-naturalization. Contact me for a first brief assessment to find out which way is the best for you. 

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Social Security Law of Germany

Have you worked in Germany and wonder if you qualify for Social Security in Germany?

Are you going through a divorce with a German citizen and wonder if you qualify to receive social security through your spouse in Germany?

Contact me for a first brief assessment to learn more.

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Transactions with German individuals or businesses

German and U.S. contract law are quite different. If you do business with a German individual or company and German law applies, you should know the pitfalls. Contact me for a first brief assessment and we find out which is the best way to support your case.

Do you need an attorney?

My experience dealing with German government agencies for over 25 years tells me, there is no difference in applying on your own or through an attorney. They are not more “impressed” nor would they treat your case differently if you applied through an attorney.

The big difference instead is: the attorney knows what to focus on and which facts are important to provide and explain the right way in order to support your case.

There are many option on how you can work with me: Maybe you just need a consultation. Maybe you want to file on your own and we will go over the application form in a video call. I can also apply on your behalf and take over the entire conversation with the authorities.

Contact me for a first brief assessment and we find out which is the best way to support your case.

About me

Christine R. Stenner, LL.M

Attorney at Law (Germany) & Foreign Legal Consultant in Pennsylvania

Christine Stenner is a German native and naturalized citizen in the U.S. She holds a German bar admission since 1996, has obtained board recognized specializations in Medical Law and Social Law* with a focus on public health insurance, pension, and invalidity insurance law in Germany. In the U.S., she obtained a Master of Laws (LL.M) from Temple University Beasley School of Law/Philadelphia and is registered as a Foreign Legal Consultant in Pennsylvania/USA, eligible to practice German law in Pennsylvania and to consult American residents in all questions of German law as well as represent anyone in front of German authorities.
* Admitted to the Bar in Frankfurt am Main. Christine Stenner is also board specialized medical law attorney (Fachanwältin für Medizinrecht) and from 2005 -2016 board specialized social security attorney (Fachanwältin für Sozialrecht).

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